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Learn about Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca (she/her). I’m a queer, disabled, neurodivergent provisional psychologist with a commitment to intersectional and affirming practice. I work primarily with neurodivergent people, disabled/chronically ill people, and LGBTQIA+ people. I understand the intersection between these identities, and aim to create a space where you can bring your whole self to our sessions. I am sex-positive, kink aware, and poly/non-monogamy friendly.

Rebecca's background

My focus in therapy is on understanding your challenges beyond the surface level. These may be around a specific trauma, situation, or relationship, or a result of identity-related barriers you are managing. I aim to help you identify patterns and self-talk while fostering self-compassion and self-acceptance. This process is led by you and never requires disclosure beyond your comfort level. 


My experience spans multiple presentations including trauma and abuse, dissociative disorders, presentations under the neurodivergent umbrella, people with comorbid chronic or complex health conditions, and people navigating sexuality and gender. 


Therapy is a space where you should feel safe and comfortable. I welcome stimming in sessions, do not require eye contact, and can alter session delivery for accessibility on request (e.g. providing notes)

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my books are currently open for new clients 

(02) 9420 3143

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