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About Us

Embracing our colourful community

Today, we would love to tell you more about who the identity clinic is, what prompted our mission into the colourful world of the lgbtqia+ psychology services and why our mission is so important

Our Story

The Identity Clinic was founded in july 2023 by our managing director, storm.

Storm's vision behind the identity clinic was bold, advantageous but feasible.  

The identity clinic was founded with the sheer intent to provide our colourful community with access to qualified mental health professionals that are not only part of the community, but have lived experience. our whole vision is built on the foundation of inclusivity and diversity.

Our team provides expert mental health care treatment, with a special focus on neurodiversity within the transgender, gender-diverse and non conforming space

Our clinical team have a very clear vision, we are here to provide safe and inclusive environment's to feel heard, seen and supported throughout anything they may be experiencing

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Meet The Team


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