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Assessment Services

Our team, comprised of neurodivergent and neuro-affirming members, conducts assessments for ADHD and Autism. We specialise in identifying 'internalised' or 'masked' profiles of Autism and ADHD in individuals who don't conform to typical stereotypes.

Moreover, we excel in providing comprehensive diagnoses that differentiate between neurodivergence, other neurodevelopment variances, complex trauma, and mental health conditions. Our approach is trauma-informed, recognising that Autistic individuals and those with ADHD are more likely to have encountered trauma compared to their neurotypical counterparts. We prioritise recognising both neurodivergence and trauma concurrently, rather than viewing them as mutually exclusive.

Autism Assessment

Our Autism assessments, which embrace neurodiversity, typically involve discussing potential Autistic traits for about 3 to 4 hours using the MIGDAS-2 interview tool, recognized as one of the most inclusive Autism assessment tools available. You can choose between a single 2-hour session followed by a 1-hour session, or three separate 1-hour sessions, based on your preference.

During the assessment, we'll explore Autistic traits experienced both in adulthood and childhood, and you'll also be asked to complete online questionnaires related to these traits. For individuals aged 25 and below, we encourage bringing a parent, caregiver, or someone who knew you during childhood to some of the assessment sessions. If you're over 25, you're welcome to bring a support person along if you feel it would be beneficial.

Cost involved: $2,500.00


ADHD Assessments

Our ADHD assessments, which prioritize neurodiversity, involve engaging in structured diagnostic interviews such as the DIVA-5, where we explore potential ADHD traits through 2 to 3 hours of discussion. This assessment can be tailored to your schedule, either as a single two-hour session or split into two one-hour sessions.

During the assessment, we'll delve into ADHD traits from both your childhood and adulthood, supplemented by online questionnaires. For individuals aged 25 or younger, we encourage involving a parent, caregiver, or another adult familiar with your childhood experiences in some of the sessions. While for those over 25, bringing a support person is optional.

Regarding ADHD assessments for adults seeking medication trials, you have the choice to consult your GP for a referral to a specialized ADHD psychiatrist, potentially bypassing the need for separate assessments. Alternatively, if you prefer, we're here to assist you with ADHD-related challenges without the necessity of a formal diagnosis. We recognise and respect individual preferences, offering assessments conducted by psychologists for those who prefer this route, whether or not they wish to involve a psychiatrist in their care.

Cost Involved: $1,500.00

*The fees listed here are based on a standard assessment with up to 3 hours of interview time. If your assessment is complex and we estimate more time is needed, the fee will be higher. Our admin team will contact you if your assessment may require more work so we can provide you with an updated quote. 



Our assessments, which affirm neurodiversity and focus on Auti-ADHD (Autism & ADHD), typically involve approximately 4 to 5 hours of discussing potential traits using the MIGDAS-2 and DIVA-5 interview tools.


Depending on your preference, you can schedule these sessions as 2 x two-hour appointments or 4 x one-hour appointments.

During the assessment, we'll delve into your Autistic and ADHD traits across both adulthood and childhood, and you'll also complete online questionnaires.

For individuals aged 25 or younger, we request the presence of a parent, caregiver, or another adult familiar with your childhood experiences during some of the assessment appointments. For those over 25, bringing a support person to the appointments is optional, although not obligatory.

Cost Involved: $3,200.00

The fees outlined herein are derived from a typical evaluation involving up to 5 hours of interview time. Should your assessment present complexities requiring additional time, the fee will be adjusted accordingly. Our administrative team will reach out to you should your assessment necessitate further attention, ensuring we furnish you with a revised quotation.



We conduct WPATH assessments for adults seeking Gender Affirming Medical and/or Surgical Treatment (GAMST). The aim of these assessments is to assist individuals in making well-informed decisions about their healthcare and treatment, ensuring they can pursue their goals safely.

Typically, the assessment delves into various aspects such as the individual's goals and motivations for GAMST, their gender identity and development, social and legal affirmation, the presence and impact of gender dysphoria, any additional challenges they may face, and their overall readiness for GAMST, including understanding its effects.

The assessment process usually spans multiple appointments. Our role is to support individuals in making informed decisions about GAMST and to ensure they can achieve their affirmation goals safely. Sometimes, to ensure the safe achievement of GAMST goals, the assessment also involves helping individuals explore their gender identity if they're uncertain, and it may include support for their mental health. These assessments adhere to the standards outlined in the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care version 8.

Upon completion of the assessment, your clinician will draft a report for the medical professional overseeing your affirmation, such as a GP or surgeon. This report will be reviewed with you before being shared with medical professionals. Typically, these reports are valid for three months (please confirm with your medical professional regarding their specific timeframe requirements).

Cost Involved: $1,000.00

Funding & Rebates

You can pay privately for an assessment and report.

You may be able to receive a health fund rebate, depending on your health fund, level of cover, and who will be assessing you


you will need to see a registered psychologist (not a provisional psychologist) to receive a health fund rebate.

You may be able to use your NDIS funding to pay for an assessment, depending on your plan goals. If you are plan-managed, you should check with your Support Coordinator or Plan Manager to see if your assessment can be covered.

If you are under 25 years old, you may be able to access a Medicare rebate for your Autism assessment if you have a referral from a paediatrician or psychiatrist. Unfortunately, your GP will not be able to write you a referral for this type of assessment.

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What now?

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to the administrative team at Very Helpful Chats via email:

Prior to your initial assessment appointment, our committed administrative staff will forward you the comprehensive assessment intake form. This document comprises questionnaires pertaining to the assessment and solicits details about your developmental, educational, social, and mental health background. Subsequently, our senior clinicians will assess the form and assign you to an assessor equipped with the requisite skills and expertise to address your requirements.

Additionally, we kindly request your credit card, debit card, or PayPal information. Be assured that we prioritize the security of your card details, and they are securely stored within our client management system, Halaxy. This precautionary measure aids in mitigating the risks of theft and fraud. Rest assured, no personnel at The Identity Clinic will have access to your card particulars.

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